Pro-R Duct

Pre-insulated outdoor and indoor duct systems.

  • Industry-leading durability and thermal performance built with a tough metal shell to weather the most extreme outdoor and indoor environments

  • Extremely low leakage rates optimize HVAC systems and saves energy

  • Wide range of R-Values from R-6 to R-25

  • Up to 80% lighter than traditional insulated ductwork

  • Patented rectangular duct system with an innovative design

  • Easy installation with strong industry-standard TDC connections, built-in flanges, and lightweight phenolic insulation in spaces of all sizes, including hard-to-access areas

  • Lightweight product offers numerous efficiencies including reduced labor costs, improved timelines, and increased project profitability

  • Built to SMACNA Standards

  • Pre-insulated; no insulation contractor required

  • Can be designed for pressure from +10” to -10” w.c.

  • Wide variety of metal and color options to complement any project

  • Fiber-free, UL 181 air stream construction improves IAQ